What The Heck Is Coco Austin Riding At The Gym? (Video)

So now we know how Ice T’s wifey, Coco Austin, gets her incredible buns! By using this space age body sculpture that looks like a mechanical surfboard! We asked around and nobody had even spotted this piece of workout equipment at their local health club much less taken a ride on one. Must be a celebrity thing.

Coco posted the her rad machine last July on her Youtube channel, Coco’s World.
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Ice T CoCo LEAKED Marriage Prenup ‘If Divorced She MUST RETURN Plastic Surgery!’

This is totally insane! When, I mean IF Ice T and Coco should get divorced, Coco must return her plastic surgery! WHAT? That’s right! And that includes not only her implants, but also otherĀ implants and god only knows what other implants! What again? You didn’t think any of that was real… DID YOU?


This is no joke! The man revealing all this shocking information is none other than the very man who married Ice and Coco! That’s right! Hip Hop personality Pastor Bishop Don “Magic” Juan!

lil john

Juan shared his thoughts on Coco’s alleged cheating scandal with AP.9, calling the photos they took together disrespectful. Bishop also explains his relationship with both Ice-T and Coco, revealing that Coco will will be obligated to have her implants surgically removed if a divorce should go down!