Cara Delevingne Shares Pic Of Newly Shaved Head On Instagram

VIA: Cara Delevingne really did shave her head!

The 24-year-old actress and model posted a photo to her Instagram giving fans a sneak peek at her new look.

Cara is expected to hit up the 2017 Met Gala this evening. On Monday (May 1), Cara was seen out in New York City prepping for the big night out. Will Cara debut her shaved head on the red carpet at fashion’s biggest night?

Cara Delevingne MOCKED By News Anchors During AWKWARD Interview

Cara Delevingne was mocked by several CA news anchors while appearing on a local morning show called Good Day Sacramento to promote Paper Towns.

A visibly hungover Delevingne, who was working on zero sleep after celebrating the movie’s premiere the night before, was openly laughed at by the anchors who mistook her usual sarcasm and unflattering facial expressions – for being grumpy. Extreme awkwardness ensued.

cara delevingne good day sacramento 3

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Anna Kendrick Latest Victim Of Celebrity Photo Leak

Anna Kendrick is the latest victim of the huge celeb photo leak which has also targeted the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton, to name but a few.

Sadly, some of the leaked photos depict drug use.. Reddit and 4Chan tried to delete most of the images but once that genie leaves the bottle, she’s down and out.

Premiere Of Focus Features' "ParaNorman" - Arrivals

Many more photos and videos were released in the last 48 hours as the hacker(s) responsible continue their onslaught on Hollywood’s elite. Photos of Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick made their way to reddit and 4Chan late Friday night and Saturday. The photos are not as scandalous as previous leaks, though, it’s still a gross invasion of privacy. Model Cara Delevingne was also victimized in the latest wave. source

Kendrick was a sort of self fulfilling prophecy, joking about the celeb leaks earlier this month.

anna-kendrick 4chan reddit

Cara Delevingne Dons FUR COAT To Leonardo DiCaprio Wildlife Fundraiser

Socialite, Cara Delevingne, difiantly (or ignorantly,) wore a rabbit fur coat to Leonardo DiCaprio‘s wildlife fundraiser in St. Tropez.

The model, who is more famous for lesbian romps and open drug use, has got to get a clue, because she is so clueless.

Selena Gomez & Cara Delevingne Head To A Party In Saint-Tropez

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Chanel Warns Guests: All LOOTERS Will Be Prosecuted

Chanel’s latest publicity stunt was a grocery mall type setting with tons of Chanel products stocking the shelves. Surreal indeed. Invited types got a rude awakening after assuming the items were giveaways. And that’s when the fun came to an abrupt end..

chanel event bummed

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Cara Delevingne Suits Up For Colorful FASHION FLOP Complete With Coke Spoon

What in the hell is model, Cara Delevingne wearing? I mean, I knows it’s a suit thingy, but what’s up with that ‘eat a box of crayons then vomit’ splash of color? I’m told the granddaughter of former English Heritage chairman Sir Jocelyn Stevens actually added the hat and shirt as she partied from day into night with friends. BTW, nice coke spoon..

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Vogue Mag Promises to Start Booking ONLY Models Who Have Meat On Their Bones

‘Vogue Magazine to only hire only healthy models from now on’… This has got to be a lie, coming from the people running the fashion industry, who feed models drugs, and restricts them from eating food!

model skinny Vogue Mag Promises to Start Booking ONLY Models Who Have Meat On Their Bones

Apparently, the change to from anorexic to au naturel is true, as British Vogue Magazine editor Alexandra Shulman, and 19 other international Vogue editors joined a pact, to stop the promotion of unrealistic body images.

Alexandra Shulman editor Vogue Mag Promises to Start Booking ONLY Models Who Have Meat On Their Bones

At a lunch hosted by the ‘Wellbeing of Women’, which is a charity dedicated to improving the health of women, Shulman spoke out about Vogue’s new mission, saying “Vogue has started ‘The Health Initiative’ (encouraging a healthier approach to body image within the fashion industry). We are working with 19 of the magazine’s international editors and models agencies, encouraging them to use healthy models. We will continue to do so.”

britney airbrush 500x281 Vogue Mag Promises to Start Booking ONLY Models Who Have Meat On Their BonesBut what about the mega airbrushing job that every model gets? Are the editors going to chill out on the fake face and body painting- hiding cellulite and stretch marks?

Albaairbrushed Vogue Mag Promises to Start Booking ONLY Models Who Have Meat On Their Bones

From now on, ‘casting agents and directors employed by Vogue, will be asked to check IDs of models to make sure they are not too young, and to not book models who appear to have eating disorders’. But will they question all of the actresses who they book for the cover and inside photo spread and story?

MarcJacobsmodelsminors 500x332 Vogue Mag Promises to Start Booking ONLY Models Who Have Meat On Their Bones

In June issues of Vogue American, French, Chinese and British editions, is when we are supposed to see a change! Vogue Japan edition won’t be changed until July.

Conde Nast, the Publisher for Vogue is also responsible for several other magazines, like Glamour and Allure, but no model change has been made for those mags.

If this is going to happen, almost every single working model will have to be fired asap, or they’ll have to start eating food, and not diet pills for dinner! Kate Moss- you can really drop the coke this time! No, really!Kate Moss cocaine Vogue Mag Promises to Start Booking ONLY Models Who Have Meat On Their Bones