Katherine Jackson Speaks

Utilizing a phone of all things, Katherine Jackson talked with ABC News about all her recent family drama.

“There are rumors going around about me that I have been kidnapped,” Jackson said … adding, “I am here today to let everybody to know that I am good and fine.”

“My children would never do anything to me like that.”

“One reason I didn’t call is I just gave up my phone and I didn’t want to have any phone calls while I was here.”

“I am devastated that while I’ve been away, my grandchildren have been taken away from me, and I’m coming home.”

Seems like a lot of gaping holes in her story folks!

Michael Jackson Monkey Bubbles Leather Suit On Sale


A leather suit made for Michael Jackson’s pet monkey Bubbles is to go on sale – to help pay for his long term care. The two piece suit – in the style of Jacko’s ‘Bad’ look – was hand-made and worn by the chimp during the 1980s. It was built to fit Bubbles and features black leather overalls with red leather piping and decorative metal studded cuffs. The custom-made costume – which is signed

‘Love Michael Jackson’ – will be sold with a guide price of between $2,000 – $4,000. Money made from the sale will be used to help look after Bubbles where he now lives at the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, Florida. The suit is being sold among over 100 items of Jackson memorabilia at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills, California, on December 3 and 4. A spokesman said: ”The costume was custom made for Jackson’s friend and companion and the sale will benefit Bubbles long term housing and care.”

Possible Father of Michael Jackson’s Daughter ‘Paris’?

Former child star Mark Lester claims he just might be the father of Michael Jackson’s daughter ‘Paris’. This guy is apparently the godfather of all three of Michael’s children too!

Lester told “News of the World” that Michael offered him to be a sperm donor at the time Michael was married to Debbie Rowe. At the time, Lester complied and gave his sperm without knowing any further details. He says he’s not for sure which of the three children are his, but he does think Paris has similar looks like him. Lester says he is willing to take a paternity test to see if this is true.

Lester told “News of the World” why he has come forward as the father:

“I’m godfather to Michael Jackson’s children. I believe that Paris could be my daughter. I would be willing to take a paternity test.

“Michael Jackson asked me in a private conversation if I’d be willing to donate sperm on his behalf. I was phoned up by a London clinic and I was asked what would be a convenient time for me to attend,” he told the News of the World.

“I made an appointment to go along. Michael was married to Debbie Rowe at the time. She’s the birth mother of the children so I naturally assumed that sperm donation would have gone into Debbie and Debbie would have both the children.”

“Of all Michael Jackson’s children I’d assume that the one that looks most like me is Paris.”

“I’ve come forward now because I have concerns about the welfare and upbringing of the children. There is a contact issue. I really want to remain in contact with those kids and I feel now that this is the only way I can ensure that.”

To read the in depth interview go here.

Michael Jackson “This Is It” Tour Rehearsal To Become Album

This is it, no really, this is it.

Michael Jackson left concert promoter AEG Live with a valuable commodity, his final performance.

The death of Jackson surely meant concert promoter, AEG, would take a big bath after sinking millions into the now-defunct “This Is It” tour, or would they?

It has been learned AEG, as part of the deal with Jackson, was taping his rehearsals including Jackson’s eve-of-death performance at the Staple Center, in pristine, multi-camera high-definition and multi-track audio.

The DVD was suppose to be the spawn of Jackson’s “This Is It” tour, however, the recordings are now planned as the main event, and what an event it will be.

Online retailer, Amazon, sold out of its entire stock of Michael Jackson related materials, in mere minutes after his death from heart failure on Thursday. If Jackson’s post-death record sales are any indication of how this final performance might sell, then AEG just hit the jackpot.

The DVD/CD would include Jackson’s last full rehearsal, singing all his hits live on stage surrounded by dancers and acrobats and at times suspended from a crane.

Would you buy this Album/ DVD?

Bookies Offer Odds on Fate of Michael Jackson Dead Body

Odds are...

Odds are...

Leave it to odds makers to capitalize on someone passing away. Wondering what will become of Michael Jackson’s body now that he’s gone? Bet on it! Will he be cremated? Traditional burial? Or will his body be injected with plastic just like MJ’s Chimp, the beloved “Bubbles?”

Other wagers include, television audience for Jackson’s funeral and the percentage of tweets containing the words “Michael Jackson”

Here is a comprehensive list of Michael Jackson betting opportunities including the odds:

Television audience for the singer’s funeral (between 750 million and one billion is the odds-on favorite)

Percentage of tweets containing the words “Michael Jackson” sent next week.

What will happen Jacko’s remains?
Buried 5/4
Cremated 4/1
Plastinated (from 100/1) 10/1
Donated to Medical Research 33/1
Cryogenically Frozen 100/1
Blasted into Space 500/1
Recycled 1000/1
Frozen in Carbonite

Global television audience for Michael Jackson’s funeral
6/1 Less than 500 million
7/4 500 million – 750 million
4/5 750 million – 1 billion 2/1 Over 1 billion

Will Neverland Ranch be Michael Jackson’s Final Resting Place?
2/5 Yes

Best Selling Michael Jackson Album of 2009
5/4 Off the Wall
6/4 Thriller
2/1 Bad
6/1 Dangerous
8/1 HIStory
10/1 Invincible
Ben 20/1
Forever, Michael 28/1
Music and Me 33/1
Got to Be There

Name of the Michael Jackson Movie
4/1 Michael
8/1 Invincible
9/1 Thriller
10/1 You Are Not alone
10/1 Leave Me Alone
12/1 Bad
16/1 Prince of Pop
16/1 Dangerous
16/1 Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough
18/1 Man in the Mirror
18/1 We’re Almost There
20/1 What More Can I Give
20/1 One Day in Your Life
33/1 Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
33/1 I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
50/1 Black or White
66/1 Beat it
66/1 PYT