While Caitlyn Jenner is basking in the warm media glow, Kim Kardashian is enjoying some badly needed time away from the spotlight, that is until a certain major urban media outlet accused her of faking her pregnancy!

MTO is claiming the reality star is NOT pregnant and they say they have pictures to prove it! “She gotta be REALLY UPSET that CAITLYN revealed herself yesterday. Stole all her MEDIA ATTENTION . . . LOL. Kim wore a dress designed to MAKE her look pregnant,” said the gossip site.

Kim kardashian faking being Pregnant

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Macaulay Culkin Caught On Video Kissing Male Singer

Macaulay Culkin was caught on video kissing a middle aged man during a performance of his band, The Pizza Underground.

The band was appearing in Billings, MT with local R&B singer Har Mar Superstar when during a rendition of “Never My Love,” the odd couple began dancing and kissing, finally falling to the floor in a hot mess.

Macaulay Culkin Caught On Video Kissing Man

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