Robin Thicke New Album SELLS ONLY 530 COPIES In UK

Robin Thicke may have been trying to get his wife back with his latest break-up album, Paula, but the way the record is selling, he may soon be crying for his mommy..

The US singer’s new record, Paula, a desperate plea to his estranged wife Paula Patton, has squarely bombed in the UK, reaching only number 200 in the charts after a full week of release.


Fans remain unimpressed, with reports suggesting that just 530 copies of the album have been sold in the UK to date.
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TINY BUT MIGHTY! T.I.’s Wife BLOWS Past Floyd Mayweather On The Red Carpet

Tiny, rapper T.I.‘s colorful wife totally ignored boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. as he tried to get her attention on the red carpet of the BET Awards.

Tiny was intent on not going there with Floyd, who recently brawled with T.I. in a Las Vegas FatBurger..

Floyd-Mayweather-jr-Tiny-t.i. fight fatburger

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Beyonce CAUGHT Lip Syncing After HAIR Gets CAUGHT In Stage Fan

File this under: “That’s gotta hurt!” Beyonce got hurt in more ways than one after getting her crowning glory caught in a E5 stage fan. You can almost hear the glued strands ripping from the singer’s head, and you can also hear a clear and present syncing track.. Bey smartly hung in there, lip syncing along as her team frantically tried to free her do!Beyonce-Main-2080624 Continue reading