File this under: “That’s gotta hurt!” Beyonce got hurt in more ways than one after getting her crowning glory caught in a E5 stage fan. You can almost hear the glued strands ripping from the singer’s head, and you can also hear a clear and present syncing track.. Bey smartly hung in there, lip syncing along as her team frantically tried to free her do!Beyonce-Main-2080624


    • I’d like to see people…no matter their profession/industry. Perform under difficult situations. It’s always people talking about people that are doing something that not all can do. When you’re in the spotlight your under so much scrutiny. Scrutiny from people that are so judgmental about EVERYTHING.
      They’re so worried about other’s lives yet have no control over their own. They live through the lives of the people they want to be, while hating on people they wish they were as well…it’s called ENVY/JEALOUSY. Yeah, sure you do….you wish you were Beyonce’ and all that is Beyonce. You can’t tell me you like your lives…because if you did you be enjoying it and care less about BEYONCE, here hair, lip syncing, and etc. It’s called “THE GET YOUR LIFE – GET A LIFE” campaign. 

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