Boy 5 Quarantined In NYC Hospital Over Ebola

A 5-year-old boy recently returning to NYC from Guinea was rushed into hospital isolation with symptoms consistent with Ebola.

The boy was fitted in a tiny protective suit and taken by HAZ MAT to Bellevue Hospital Center on Sunday night and immediately placed in isolation.

Canada Shipping 800 Vials Of EBOLA Vaccinations Monday

The boy’s family, who lived in the home with him, were immediately ordered quarantined in their apartment. Continue reading

Doctor Rode subway hours before testing positive…

New York City doctor, Craig Spencer, who has tested positive for Ebola rode the A, L, and No. 1 subway lines, went running, used an Uber livery cab, and went to a bowling alley in Williamsburg called the Gutter Wednesday night, said Dr. Mary Bassett, the city’s health commissioner.

He also visited the High Line park in Manhattan at some point, she said. He began exhibiting a fever and diarrhea on Thursday morning.

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In a statement, Doctors Without Borders said that the doctor and his fiance on Thursday morning followed guidelines by reporting his fever immediately to the Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization, which then alerted the city’s Health Department.

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Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan is testing a doctor, Craig Spencer, who was working in Africa with Doctors Without Borders for possible Ebola infection.

**UPDATE: NYC Doctor Tests Positive For Ebola**

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“Today, EMS HAZ TAC Units transported a patient to Bellevue Hospital who presented a fever and gastrointestinal symptoms,” Health Commissioner Mary Bassett said in a statement. Continue reading

Victoria Secret SHOPPER Found With DEAD BABY IN BAG!

Tragedy struck at a NYC Victoria’s Secrets store after security staff found a fetus in the bag belonging to two teenage girls who were being detained.. The women, both 17, were suspected of shoplifting and stopped as they attempted to leave the store. The guards then found what appeared to be a deceased baby contained in one of the shopping bags.
It was not immediately clear where she gave birth. Continue reading

Yoga Tax Now Enforced in NYC

The New York Department of Taxation and Finance says that yoga studios must start to pay the city’s levy.

NYC yoga studios will now have to pay more in taxes than ever before and the city is wasting no time auditing yoga studios, presenting them in some cases with bills for back sales taxes going back three years.

The new tax has invoked protests from around the yoga community who say the new tax policy could not have come at a worse time, with the industry just beginning to get back on its feet after the economic downturn. Stressed out?

Last Monday, at least 70 yoga managers, studio owners and instructors met in the lotus position to discuss the tax issue.