Miley Cyrus Who? Check Out Patrick Schwarzenegger’s New GF

Patrick Schwarzenegger may have taken a wrong turn in his relationship with Miley Cyrus, which ended nearly a year ago, but the prodigal son has rebounded, in true son-of-the-terminator style by confirming his relationship with Abby Champion.

Schwarzenegger’s new girlfriend (you guessed it) is a model, and the pair were seen spending spring break together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Abby Champion Patrick Schwarzenegger gf

“Glad I got to spend the last couple a days with [Patrick Schwarzenegger],” Abby wrote in another photo. Continue reading

Drake Bell TWEETS n’ DELETES Caitlyn Jenner And WE GOT IT!

While most are congratulating Bruce Jenner for changing into a new and improved version of himself, Caitlyn Jenner, Drake Bell took another stance by telling the world that he will still be referring to Jenner as “Bruce.”

Bell more than rocked the social media boat Monday by tweeting to Caitlyn that as far as he is concerned, he is still a ‘he’ and will always be a he.

drake bell bruce jenner tweet

He then promptly deleted the controversial tweet and went into damage control mode.. Continue reading

HERE SHE IS! Caitlyn Jenner AKA Bruce Jenner

After an entertaining sit-down with Diane Sawyer on ABC’s20/20” back in May, a 65-year-old Bruce Jenner has revealed his alter ego, Caitlyn Jenner.

Jenner warned his kids, as he did the world, that he was on the fast track to his transition, and now, on the cover of Vanity Fair, in a photo shoot shot by Annie Leibovitz, Caitlyn has officially arrived.

Caitlyn bruce jenner

Kim Knows How To Get What She Wants! This Time The Cover Of Vogue

It happened.. After months of Kanye West complaining that she “deserved it,” Kim Kardashian finally gets her very own Vogue cover..Kim Kardashian gets her Vogue cover

In a beautiful series of portraits by Annie Leibovitz, Kardashian models a number of very wedding-appropriate white gowns, while West looks like his usual too-cool self in leather pants, tight tees and tailored outerwear. But the real kicker is how taken West looks by her beauty throughout — it’s truly heartwarming. Oh! And North was there, too, in adorable white dresses that pretty much prove that she’ll be the prettiest flower girl there ever was. source

VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Claims To Be A Stoner

Miley Cyrus got a Bob Marley themed cake for her Birthday, and admitted to being a stoner…

Miley says in this video at her Birthday party at the Roosevelt Hotel, “You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f***in’ weed.”

Kelly Osbourne, with the bluish hair, standing right next to her, made a joke about Miley smoking Salvia out of a bong at her Birthday last year. She said, “I thought salvia was your problem.”

According to comments on the video, her fans say that the Marley cake was a joke and so was Miley’s comment about being a stoner.