Brett Michaels Pushing Self To Hard?

Considering Brett Michaels’ string of medical problem, is a live appearance on Celebrity Apprentice tonight- a little too much, a little too soon? We will all have to wait for the live broadcast to see if Michaels slumps over in a heap before we can answer that question.

There are reports that a medical crew will be close to Michaels at all time during filming, however, what about after the show is over? Will Michaels insistence on completing his job on Trump’s TV show pay a toll on him in the days and weeks ahead? What do you think? Should Brett be working this soon after his, appendectomy, brain hemorrhage and stroke?

Nicolas Cage to be ‘Buried in a Pyramid Tomb’

The actor has purchased a lavish, pyramid-shaped tomb to serve as his final resting place, entertainment website TMZ reports.

Cage had the nine-foot crypt erected in a New Orleans cemetery. The grave resembles the pyramid symbol that appeared on the poster for Cage’s 2004 adventure film National Treasure.

nic cage tomb tmz 300x286 Nicolas Cage to be Buried in a Pyramid Tomb

Cage is suing his former business manager, whom he claims drove him down a road to financial ruin.

Last week, the actor lost two adjacent Malibu, California, properties and his Bel Air home to the bank. He lost two New Orleans houses to foreclosure in November, and his Las Vegas mansion was sold at auction in January.

Cage reportedly owes the IRS approximately $13 million in unpaid back taxes.

“Spider-Man” ’5′ and ’6′ in Pre-Production

Production on “Spider-man 4″ will begin early next year for a May 6, 2011 release. Looks like Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst will be back for 4, but will they sign on for 5 & 6? Although those movies are far away from filming, Sony Pictures is already in preparation now.

“Variety reports that Sony Pictures has engaged screenwriter James Vanderbilt to write “Spider-man 5″ and “Spider-man 6″. Vanderbilt has been hired to write the fifth and sixth movies, which have an interconnected storyline. It’s unclear whether director Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst will be back for 5 & 6, but if they aren’t, Vanderbilt’s script would be the blueprint for a franchise.”