Teen Poisons Grandma’s Collard Greens Over Cell Phone Punishment

A Fayetteville, NC., teen is accused of trying to kill her grandmother by poisoning her collard greens with termite insecticide on Easter Sunday.

Tyt'ana Lisa-Nicole Johnson grandmother

Tyt’ana Lisa-Nicole Johnson, 17, has been charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder after pouring termite killer into a pot on the stove. Grandma and a friend later ate the greens. source

They were both hospitalized and are still dealing with some of the effects.

According to arrest documents, Gaylon Moody told investigators Johnson was apparently angry because her cell phone had been confiscated as a punishment.

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Press Spoiler.. You’re About To See A Lot Of Marloes Horst

Marloes Horst.. A name you are about to see and hear a lot, at least on the internet. Turns out newly single Alex Pettyfer, has ordered up some pre$$ to prove he’s got a new piece of arm candy. It could be as simple as Pettyfer making an effort to make his ex jealous, or what’s more likely, he’s trying to spin the general image that he’s into girls.. Many would disagree.

Alex Pettyfer

Good thing he didn’t give up hope! The Endless Love actor is currently dating model Marloes Horst, E! News confirms. “Marloes and Alex have been together seriously for a few weeks now. source Continue reading

Jeremy Irons UNLEASHED: Same Sex Marriage Could Spur Incest, Martial Law

Jeremy Irons may have won an Oscar but that is not stopping the actor from sparking outrage by more than suggesting that same sex marriage could lead to incest! Between fathers and sons! And he also fears it will “debase” marital law. HUH?

irons post Jeremy Irons UNLEASHED: Same Sex Marriage Could Spur Incest, Martial Law

Speaking with the Huffington Post, Irons, 64, stated that he didn’t “have a strong feeling either way” on the subject, mused: “Could a father not marry his son?” When the interviewer reminded Irons about incest laws, the actor continued: “It’s not incest between men,” adding: “Incest is there to protect us from inbreeding, but men don’t breed”.

His remarks can only be explained as “bizarre” and had been branded so by lesbian, gay and bisexual charity Stonewall.

Irons’ plays Pope Alexander VI in television series The Borgias.