Christian Bale Quits Enzo Ferrari Role Over Mystery Health Issue

Christian Bale fans are worried after learning the actor dropped out of Michael Mann movie, “Enzo Ferrari” over undisclosed health concerns.

Sources say, Bale’s weight gain required to play the role of the iconic car maker caused his an undisclosed health problem. Mann is now frantically trying to find a new actor to play the role as production is set to start this spring.

christian bale fat ferrari

Bale began the weight gain process for Ferrari he felt necessary, but couldn’t safely be ready in time for Spring, 2016. Vendian Entertainment and YooZoo Bliss Film Fund are financing the project Continue reading

Joan Cusack and Mindy Sterling talk “Mars Needs Moms”

Screen shot 2011 03 11 at 8.03.05 PM Joan Cusack and Mindy Sterling talk Mars Needs Moms

In “Mars Needs Moms”, Joan Cusack plays the mother of the rambunctious nine-year old Milo (Seth Green). Martians abduct her to steal her essence to raise their kids. Mindy Sterling acts as “The Supervisor”, the heartless Martian leader with an iron fist.

The two recently sat down to talk about their roles in Disney’s latest 3D animated adventure.

Q: Can you talk about motion capture? Whats the difference in the process and how you get ready for a character like this?

MINDY: I dont think you do anything any differently. You still have to act. You still have to portray the character. I didn’t think about doing anything different other than being really specific in your presentation.

JOAN: It’s almost simpler. You’re in a huge room and it’s all gray and there’s cameras everywhere. You have a camera on your head that’s taking pictures of your face with the dots and then you act out the scenes like a play. They do it all at once. It’s sort of experimental theater. There’s no props, no costumes, nothing. It’s just acting like there’s not other crew around. It’s really fun.

Q: You’re both so prolific with your theater work and so on, is it easier from a theater training?

MINDY: Everyone in it has a theater background.

JOAN: I was part of the Piven Theater Workshop, which is Jeremy Piven’s parents that were in Evanston. They came out of the sixties and had improv and stuff like that, but they had a children’s company. It was serendipitous and fortunate for me, which was great.

Q: What goes through your mind in regards to the character’s resemblance to you?

JOAN: It was kind of cool. This was really thought out as a story about going to Mars. The capturing of normal part was superfluous to what they really wanted to capture, which was this amazing world of Mars. I thought it was interesting.

MINDY: Mine was scary. But even more scary is that when you see it, you know it’s me (laughs). I can just look at it and go “Oh my god, those are my mannerisms”. It wasn’t animated. What we did was us. Every facial expression was me.

Our “Moms Needs Mars” coverage will continue through the weekend. Check back tomorrow as we continue our “Mars Needs Moms” interview with Joan Cusack and Mindy Sterling coinciding with the opening of the film on March 11 in theaters nationwide.
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New MacGruber Trailer Revealed!

What does it say about me that I was more excited to see the MacGruber trailer than the Avatar one? Well the wait is over and The “MacGruber” trailer is finally here. Will Forte’s reprises his SNL role as MacGruber a poor man’s MacGyver. The movie also seems to have a good cast including Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe as MacGruber’s team of experts who are determined to help him save the country and Val Kilmer as a slimmed down bad guy.


Will Ferrell Now Wants To Be A Cop


What a hottie Will was!

He’s set to star in a cop comedy with Mark Wahlberg. It’s about time Mark took something a little less murderous.

Entertainment Weekly/Variety reports:   “A bidding war broke out on Tuesday for the action-comedy B Team, which will be directed by Adam McKay and star Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as cops, Variety reports. It’s understandable, right? Isn’t that all the information you’d need to greenlight that picture? I’m actually giddy thinking about it…

Anything Will Ferrell does is pretty much awesome. Here is a favorite clip- Will Ferrell as George W Bush


Best And Worst Dressed Of The Oscars- The Menz

Esquire has put the stamp on BEST and WORST dressed.   They beat Cojo “Jen Aniston-on-steriods”   to the punch.

Let’s break it down here..

Dev Patel from that little known movie, Slumdog Millionare–he got a BESTnod. Bravo!!

dev patel oscars red carpet 022209 lg 59460804 225x300 Best And Worst Dressed Of The Oscars  The Menz

Phillip Seymour Hoffman really out did himself with this outfit: Can I get a “Worst Dressed“?

Hey…where did my 5th chin go?   Oh…there it is!!!! Damn thing goes missing all the time.

philip seymour hoffman 2009 oscars 022209 lg 1094524 225x300 Best And Worst Dressed Of The Oscars  The Menz

Seth Rogan received the “Most Improved Award”.   He lost half a person recently and his jacket is posh. I also LOVE this girl’s dress. Where can I get it..anyone know?

seth rogen 2009 oscars 022209 lg 1194784 225x300 Best And Worst Dressed Of The Oscars  The Menz

Esquire goes on to give Brad Pitt the “V for Valiant Effort” award.   That basically means Brad Pitt looks better on the streets in Vegas with his kids than he does at the Oscars.

Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, (who by the way looks better than I have ever seen her look)…were absolutely radiant on the red carpet. Esquire gives them a thumbs up “Well Rested and Ready To Go” Award.

11 7 full 300x300 Best And Worst Dressed Of The Oscars  The Menz

To check out more of Esquire’s votes, go here.   You know it’s sad when I accidently just pasted my resume on this blog. HAHAH. Anyone hiring?