Rachel Maddow Show Ratings PLUNGE On Heels Of Trump Tax Return Debacle

MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow Show is experiencing a brutal decline in viewership since she promised to reveal President Donald Trump‘s tax returns. Maddow saw a whopping 54 percent drop in ratings among 25-54-year-olds between Wednesday and Tuesday.

Maddow’s show enjoyed record-high ratings on Tuesday – the day she promised the now-infamous Trump tax return exclusive – garnering a YUGE 4.13 million viewers. But what a difference a day makes as come Wednesday, the show’s ratings dropped a total of 36 percent across all demos.

This drop in ratings, of course, is hardly surprising given the reaction Maddow’s show received. On the night of the now-infamous flop, Maddow got absolutely skewered on Twitter. Geraldo Rivera – the man behind the famous “Al Capone’s vault” letdown in the 80s – also let loose on her, saying he was passing on the public failure torch. Continue reading