FBI Says It Was Transgender Killed At NSA Entrance

Ricky Shawatza Hall, a transgender from Baltimore, was identified by the FBI on Tuesday as the driver of an SUV that engaged police in a wild shootout after it refused to yield to orders from officers. Hall was killed.

Police said that Hall, 27, and a passenger was identified as Kevin Fleming and was being treated at a local hospital. The incident took place at the entrance to the NSA’s main campus in Ft. Meade, Md. Both were dressed as women.

Ricky Shawatza Hall

Elizabeth Julian, a Maryland public defense attorney who represented Hall on a probation violation in February told The Daily Beast that Hall had said she was transgender and asked to be referred to using the feminine pronoun. Continue reading

NSA Caught Using Webcams To Capture Faces WIth Yahoo

The NSA, in cooperation with the British spy agency GCHQ, captured and kept millions of webcam captures from unsuspecting users, none of which were suspected of committing any crimes.nsa_ap_328

And a “substantial quantity” of the images were sexually explicit, according to the Guardian, via Gawker. One of the documents estimated that between 3% and 11% of the images gathered contained “undesirable nudity.” From the document:

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