Bedbugs Command Epic Infestation in NYC

The bedbug problem has hit a frightening new level in New York. A poll conducted by the Daily News tells a story of an infestation of epic proportion.

One in 10 New Yorkers have recently battled bedbugs in their home and that’s double city estimates from 2009.

The poll reveals almost one million of those living in New York have bedbugs living in and on the mattresses.

The buggy problem spans all classes, covering all five boroughs, from the Bronx to upper Manhattan.

Bedbugs are tiny little devils and they are hard to kill. They move around by crawling on fabric such as, luggage, apparel and furniture.

NYC is spending a million dollars on fighting the small insect, however, this new breed of super-bug is resistant to most pesticides.

The poll found 67% of people living in New York thought they could best discover the bugs by looking for bites, but scientists insist only 50% of people will have an adverse reaction that is usually from the bedbug’s secretions. Most have no evidence of being bit.