Tom Brady Jersey Thief Found In Possession Of MISSING Kurt Warner Super Bowl Worn Jersey

Martin Mauricio Ortega, the man accused by the F.B.I. of stealing Tom Brady‘s Super Bowl jersey, was also found harboring a Super Bowl worn Kurt Warner jersey. Warner later said that he was “surprised” to hear Ortega had acquired the valuable memorabilia.

Ortega, a Mexican media executive, is now being scrutinised for other Super Bowl gear he was observed possessing. Mexican journalists who were in Houston for the game and interacted with Martin Mauricio Ortega, former director of the tabloid La Prensa, told The Associated Press that he brought multiple NFL memorabilia items, including a Kurt Warner jersey he hoped to sell to the former quarterback for thousands of dollars, reports AP.

A detailed item from the Associated Press sprinkles enough detail about Ortega’s attendance at the most recent Super Bowl (supposedly, more than 20) and items in his possession (supposedly, a Super Bowl jersey worn by Kurt Warner, an item that Warner was surprised to hear Ortega had acquired) to make one at least wonder whether Ortega began his Super Bowl crime spree in Super Bowl XLIX with his first theft of a Tom Brady jersey, or earlier. Continue reading