Rapper G HERBO “That’s NOT ME In That EXPLICIT Photo Of TWO Men Having Relations!”

Rapper G Herbo is in the news for all the wrong reasons after an explicit photo circulated on social media depicting two men having relations, one of them who is said to be the rapper. Herbo has since said the photo “shows someone else.”

The picture showed a man, believed to be Herbert Randy Wright, aka G Herbo, 21, performing a sex act on another man. Twitter blew up on the consensus that the man pictured was in-fact the Chicago rapper.

The image appeared to originate on Snapchat. Herbo is due to drop his debut album, Humble Beast, in 2017. He’s been associated with Common, Nicki Minaj and Chief Keef. His most recent mixtape, Strictly 4 My Fans, came out in November 2016. Herbo meanwhile was quick to respond to the buzz on his Facebook page. Continue reading