Who Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders? And Why Is She DEFENDING President Trump?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders works as the White House deputy press secretary under Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Sanders was launched this week to appear on several Sunday news shows in an effort to explain President Donald Trump‘s blockbuster claim that he was wiretapped by his political predecessor, President Barack Obama.

Sanders, 34, is the daughter of Mike Huckabee, the political pundit and former Arkansas governor who suspended his own presidential campaign on February 1, 2016, after receiving 1.8% of the votes in the Iowa caucuses. Sanders, who worked on several of her father’s campaigns as a field coordinator, was dispatched by the WH to speak about Trump’s incendiary Twitter claims that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the presidential campaign. The President is yet to produce any hard evidence to support his accusations.

In an interview with ABC News, This Week, Sanders implied that Trump was simply tweeting information he read on the internet. “President Trump is the one that came up with this idea and just threw it out there,” she said. “There are multiple news outlets that have reported this.”

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