Croc Hunter Steve Irwin’s Daughter Bindi Turning 17

It seems like only yesterday that Steve Irwin was entertaining us with his wild wildlife antics. But after getting killed in a horrible ocean encounter with a stingray, his wife and daughter were left to pick up the pieces.

Flash forward to today, and Steve’s only child, Bindi Irwin, officially turns 17 years old in July.

Bindi Irwin

Bindi is real chip off the old block, carrying on her father tradition starring in her own animal life series of TV shows. Continue reading

Bindi Irwin: Young Girls Need To STOP Showing So Much SKIN!

Bindi Irwin, just ahead of her 16th birthday, is telling teenage girls her age to stop showing so much flesh.

Daughter of croc hunter, Steve Irwin, Bindi is known for following in her fallen father’s fashion footsteps, wearing mostly khaki, but now she’s started “experimenting” with her style but remains a girl from the bush at heart.


“I’m a big advocate for young girls dressing their age,” she said. Continue reading

Bindi Irwin: Seaworld Totally Rocks!

15-year-old, Bindi Irwin, alongside mother Terri, announced on Good Morning America, she is teaming up with SeaWorld theme parks. Let the hating begin.Steve Irwin's family launches Goulburn Valley Fresh - Sydney

SeaWorld is no stranger to bad press these days, in the form of public protests and boycotts, including tons of performers like Willie Nelson and The Beach Boys, but that hasn’t stopped Irwin from embracing the firm with open arms. Continue reading

Bindi Irwin, 14, Huge Growth Spurt! (New Photos)

Can you believe that this is Bindi Irwin? Wow! She done grown up! Now at the tender age of 14, the conservationist is still following in her famous dad, Steve’s footsteps! The 14-year-old animal activist and entertainer took part in a photoshoot in Sydney, Australia showing how time marches on! It has already been seven years ago since her father met an untimely death.  dailymail


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