Dude From Staind Totally Screws Up Star Spangled Banner At WORLD SERIES

Aaron Lewis, Fred Durst‘s relative and that singer from Staind, showed up to sing the Star Spangled Banner at the freaking World Series and totally messed himself and the words.

Lewis famously trashed Christina Aguilera‘s version of the same iconic song back in the day. Aguilera at least remembered all the words..

Star Spangled Banner Aaron Lewis

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AR Woman: Aaron Lewis Bought Home With Backpack Full Of Money

Arkansas resident, Gayle Cranford, is speaking out about her close encounter with kidnapping suspect Aaron Lewis, the man who is a suspect in the disappearance of Beverly Carter.

Cranford says the suspect in Carter’s disappearance, Aaron Lewis, approached her in 2013 about buying a house.

Aaron Lewis Gayle Cranford

Cranford recognized his photo on the news.

“I said oh my God that’s that guy I sold my son’s home to,” says Cranford. Continue reading