VILLEURBANNE, FR. (THECOUNT) — A deadly knife attack occurred near a train station in Villeurbanne, France, on Saturday leaving at least one one person dead and many others wounded, police say.

Police have arrested one man and a manhunt is ongoing for the second suspect, who may have been armed with a “kitchen skewer,” according to French officials.


The attack took place on Saturday afternoon at Laurent Bonnevay station in Villeurbanne, Metropolitan Lyon. Local media reported that two attackers allegedly attacked people in the parking lot at random, with several injuries reported, and one person killed.

One man has been arrested, with a manhunt ongoing for the second. Metro service was suspended as police descended on the scene.

Footage shared on social media purportedly shows a crowd of onlookers surrounding and subduing one of the suspects at one of the station’s elevators. Another man seen holding a long, thin object may also be a suspect, as one was reportedly armed with a kitchen skewer, reports RT.


Geo quick facts: Villeurbanne is a commune in the Metropolis of Lyon in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in eastern France. It is situated northeast of Lyon, with which it forms the heart of the second-largest metropolitan area in France after that of Paris – Wikipedia.