WINFIELD, IL. (THECOUNT) — The body of Terry Alan Fodemski, the 64-year-old Winfield man who went missing on his way to a doctor’s appointment in November, 2018, has been located in an iced-over pond in Winfield, Illinois on Wednesday, according to family members.

Nancy Dubovich last spoke with her brother on the phone Nov. 2, 2018, about a doctor’s appointment. Dubovich and her husband were concerned that Fodemski wasn’t taking his medication, they said at the time.


Nancy Dubovich was going to go with Fodemski to the doctor’s office for his appointment, but Fodemski never showed up, she said at the time.

After they didn’t hear from Fodemski in the days afterward, “obviously, we were concerned,” George Dubovich said. The couple went to Fodemski’s home Nov. 9 where he lived alone.

George Dubovich said his family’s posts on social media about Fodemski were shared hundreds of times and fliers were posted around the area.

A cause of death was not provided.

Anyone with possible information please contact police at 911.

Geo quick facts: Winfield is an incorporated village located in Milton and Winfield Townships, DuPage County, Illinois, United States. The population was 8,718 at the 2000 census and as of 2016 the population was 9,492. Winfield is home to Central DuPage Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the Chicago suburbs – Wikipedia.