MIAMI, FL. (THECOUNT) — Two Good Samaritans were killed and nine others were injured in a crash on Interstate 95 in Miami after a group of people stopped on the roadway to assait a motorcyclist who had wrecked, reports say.

Several people stopped to help the motorcyclist, using their vehicles to stop the motorcyclist from being struck, when a white van struck them, causing a violent chain-reaction crash.


A Miami Department of Fire-Rescue spokesman said rescuers received a phone call about 1 a.m. Friday from a woman saying a motorcyclist had been involved in a crash.

Four people were treated at the scene. Five others were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Two of the victims died at the hospital and another is in critical condition.

“This is a testimony of how dangerous the highways are, even at nighttime, and also looking at the conditions, whether it was raining, whether the streets were wet,” Carroll said. source

Avoid the area.