Brietta Brown has been named as the suspect police say slashed two fellow passengers while traveling on a Hadley, Massachusetts Pioneer Valley Transit bus. Reports say the attack was unprovoked.

Brown, 26, is facing attempted murder and assault and battery charges after inflicting what police described as non-life threatening throat injuries to two people. The driver, who disarmed and restrained the woman, was also injured in the incident. He later began complaining of chest pains.


Hadley police say a woman pulled a knife on the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority bus and began threatening passengers just after 4 p.m. Wednesday. The bus was traveling from Northampton to Amherst. The woman inflicted what police described as non-life threatening throat injuries to two people before the driver, who had pulled over, and other passengers disarmed and restrained the woman until police arrived. The driver, who sustained minor cuts to his hands, was also taken to the hospital after complaining of chest pains. source

Here’s the official Facebook post from the office of the Hadley Chief of Police, Michael A. Mason:

Today, 5/2/18, at approximately 4:12 PM the Hadley Police Department received a 911 call from PVTA dispatch services to report that a passenger on one of their buses had pulled a knife and threatened passengers. The caller advised that multiple passengers on the bus had disarmed this person but were still struggling. The bus was currently stopped on Route 9 in the area of Friendly’s Ice Cream.

Officers arrived on scene and immediately took the suspect into custody. They found two (2) passengers had been cut by the offender and had suffered injuries to their throats. The injured passengers reported that the suspect slashed both of their throats with the knife in an unprovoked attack. The injuries were not life threatening.

The driver of the bus who had assisted in disarming the suspect received minor injuries to his hands from the knife, but then began to suffer from chest pain as Police arrived.

All three (3) injured parties were transported to the hospital by Amherst Fire Department.

The suspect is 26 year old Brietta Brown.

Among several charges are Attempt to Commit Murder and Assault and Battery w/ Dangerous Weapon.