The mother of Molly Miller, the woman found dead in her Charlottesville home, is speaking about what happened.

Thursday, Marian McConnell released a statement via Facebook.


Her statement reveals Molly Miller took her own life, and now her family and friends are left asking why, saying “There was not a single sign that anything was wrong or bothering her.”

She goes on to say, “Molly is a light shining forever,” and there are plans for a celebration of her life in the near future.

Autopsy results from the chief medical examiner are still pending, so the cause of death has not been finalized.

Miller’s fiance reported she went missing last Friday.

Her body was found Monday evening inside her King Street home.


Molly is a light shining forever; her spirit and creations are everywhere I look. She is with us and wants us to remember her free spirit. From the moment she was born on April 6, 1986 I have enjoyed the miracle of Molly.

“Why?” will haunt us until we can ask her when we join her in heaven. “Why did you take your life when you were so happy and had so many wonderful plans and dreams?” She and I spoke on the phone at 6:57p the Friday night she went missing. She and Anson had gotten a battery and alternator to fix her truck on Saturday and then she was coming to spend a few days with us. In the past few years, she was the happiest I’d ever seen her – she loved Anson and Luca (their dog) fiercely and completely. There was not a single sign that anything was wrong or bothering her. We were so close – best friends – and had become even closer lately with long talks about politics, religion, and her search for spiritual truth. Believe me we are all asking “Why?” but even if we had the answers, it won’t bring her back. We have found no letter left behind.

What we all must do instead is give our love, support, and gentle care to Anson. He lost the love and light of his life, and the despair we feel does not even begin to touch his grief. But he IS here on this earth and there are ways we can help him, beginning with respecting his sorrow.

My husband/Molly’s dad, Dano and I; Anson’s mother Phyllis, and Anson’s sisters Nealin and Laura, are doing everything to help in practical ways – pipes freeze, bills arrive, laundry needs doing, and although none of us has an appetite, we have to eat. Luca, their dog, is a Godsend and I’m so glad Anson is keeping this sweet dog with him. Molly rescued Luca and now Luca is helping to rescue Anson.

The love and help from so many people during this time is a testament to Molly. Family, friends, neighbors, the Police, and even people who don’t know her personally are blessing us with love and kindness. Although we cannot answer “Why?” we can answer “What can we do?” Pray for Anson and show him respect and gentle, patient, love.

Anson has asked us to thank all who have reached out and helped. We ask for patience as he is not taking many visitors right now and is not on either his phone or computer. It will take time, and your love in the weeks, months, and years to come will be needed and felt just as strongly.

There may be a need for workers to help work on their house; we will share the details if and when that happens.

There will be a celebration of life for Molly; probably outside where we can spread her ashes. We will share the details of that when it is planned.

For now, cherish your memories, pictures, creations, and conversations with Molly. She is free and shining and at peace.