Scary video has been posted to Youtube showing a car emerging from the shoulder of the roadway and speeding directly in the path of President Trump’s motorcade.

The newly released video shows a white car appearing from a wooded area then speeding toward the presidential motorcade in Springfield, Missouri on Wednesday.


The video, uploaded by Clayte Hefner, shows President Trump’s motorcade traveling down Kearney Street. That’s when a white vehicle is seen heading toward the motorcade, before crashing into a concrete storm drain. source

“Oh my gosh! Look at the car that came out of the woods,” shouted a man in the video as President Trump’s limo sped down the road. “That car right there just drove out of the woods!”

Secret Service agents are then seen circling the vehicle before confronting the driver.

No details about the driver have been released.

Skip to 1:15 of the video below to catch the action.