Online rumors spread like wildfire that one of Dr. Phil’s most controversial guests, Danielle Ann aka ‘Cash Me Outside’ had been found dead in an apparent suicide. Those reports proved false and can now be filed under “fake news.”

Danielle appeared along with her mother on an December 2016 episode of Dr. Phil. She challenged the audience, who were laughing at her, to “Catch Me Outside.” The internet felt it sounded enough like, “Cash Me Outside.”


A ridiculous headline from a fake news website named Fly Height read, After months of bullying from social media and peers at school, Danielle Ann was found dead in her room on January 23… …a fight with a fellow student leaked online of Danielle being drug out of a car and repeatedly struck in the head… Just days after, Danielle was found unresponsive by her mother in her bedroom. She was then rushed to the hospital and later pronounced dead late Monday evening. h/t heavy

According to the Urban Dictionary, “cash me outside,” “Basically means, come talk to me outside so that we can sort out our issues and potentially get into a physical fight.”