Is that who we think it is? You know, that guy from that movie or that singer from that band? Before you go all selfie crazy, step back, put down the camera and look again.

The following 16 people thought they had just reached social media stardom by meeting their favorite star, the problem is, that star is really just an everyday joe, who missed fame and fortune by that much..


The above woman is so excited and she just just can’t hide it after thinking she just met her favorite rapper, Drake.

What were the chances? After a night of drinking these bros thought they had just met singer, Ed Sheeran.

What the heck is A-list actor George Clooney doing hanging out in a random sports bar?

We’ll have to give this fan a Presidential pardon for thinking this man was actually former president George W. Bush.

Is there a doctor in the House? Um, no, that’s no doctor, and it’s definitely not actor Hugh Laurie.

Oh brother! That is so not Hulk Hogan!

I can’t quit you! But please quit saying that you met Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal!

Johnny Depp looking a little worse for the wear during his pending divorce.. No word on whether this guy is getting divorced.

The Beautiful People singer Marilyn Manson was nowhere in sight, but this look alike was.

I just met that actor dude who always plays the president! Too bad it was not Morgan Freeman.

This Game Of Thrones actor, Peter Dinklage, look alike has definitely got some game!

Marveling at who he had just met.. But you had better check that comic book again bro because that is NOT Stan Lee.

Sorry dad, that Saturday Night Live actor you just met, Tina Fey, is more like Tina fake!

Hey world! We just met Top Gun actor Tom Cruise! Not!

Oh my gosh! Is that really? Could it be? Usher? Move along, nothing to see here..

Are you kidding? Fast And Furious actor Vin Diesel? Not even close!