The lifeless body of a 2-year-old girl found in a duffel bag with a Whittier couple trying to cross the Mexican border Tuesday may be closer to being identified.

Authorities would not say how the girl was linked to the couple they arrested, but did indicate the child was not related to them. And now the family of a young woman has stepped forward saying they believe they know the identity of little girl.


Baby Found Dead In Duffel bag mexico

The investigation is on-going but a couple has stepped forward claiming to be the child’s grandparents.

Family members believe it’s possible the body of the girl is related to them. He spoke with that family Thursday evening. The family’s saga started a year ago with a Facebook post in August 2015. In it, the grandfather says his daughter and granddaughter are missing. He identifies Mercy Becerra as the last one known to have seen his young relatives. Becerra is the same woman who was arrested Tuesday with Johnny Hartley at the border. h/t cbsnewslosangeles

Baby Found Dead In Duffel bag mexico

The family Wait talked to says they’ve talked extensively with detectives but have not received official confirmation the child is related to them.