University of Missouri Police have arrested a student after they say he made terrorist threats aimed at blacks on social media. Mizzou has been on high alert after their president, Tim Wolfe resigned amid racial tensions.

Hunter Park was arrested and processed after saying on social media that he intended to “shoot every black person I see.” Park is being held on $4,500 bond according to authorities.


hunter park mizzou

“Park was contacted in Rolla, Mo. by the University of Missouri Police and transported to the University of Missouri Police Department in Columbia where he was arrested and processed,” police said in a statement. Rolla is about 100 miles southeast of Columbia. Officials say that Park was not on or near the Columbia campus at the time of the arrest, but his alleged threats led some administrators and student government members to call for classes to be canceled Wednesday. At the same time, a statement from the university urged students not to “distribute unconfirmed information or rumors or post or pass along rumors on social media outlets.” h/t attn

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Once the university became aware of the social media threats, they informed local law enforcement and increased security on-campus and canceled classes.

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No further information about Park has yet been made available, but THECOUNT.COM located his Twitter account and found this chilling tweet:

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