Khloe Kardashian finally left Lamar Odom‘s side and for very good reason, to hang out with Houston Rockets star James Harden..

Until now, the reality star has been Odom’s rock, never leaving his bedside and even sleeping in his hospital room on a cot, but as his condition improves, Khloe broke decorum to attend Harden’s basketball game.


khloe kardashian lamar odomstill married

Khloe was spotted in Houston at the Rockets game earlier this week, according to multiple reports. As we first reported, Khloe has told people she’s putting her relationship with Harden on hold temporarily while she focuses on aiding Odom in his recovery. But it sure looks like the relationship with Harden is far from over because flying out to the game clearly shows there’s still something there. h/t tmz

Soon after Odom’s overdose emergency, Khloe had withdrawn her pending divorce citing “medical issues,” but if she’s back with Harden, will she now refile now that Odom seems to be recovering?