The Ebola epidemic has a runner up for the country with the most confirmed cases of the virus outside of West Africa.

As it turns out, the United States has experienced the most cases per cappa of persons infected with the Ebola virus outside of West Africa, the U.S. ranking three times as many cases as both Germany and Spain.


the second most ebola cases in the world

Although only 9 have been reported, the U.S. still clocks in second for the most Ebola cases.

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Among the notable U.S cases of Ebola:

  • A CDC epidemologist named Kaci Hickox has been defiant over the state-mandated quarantines in both New Jersey and Maine
  • One of two Dallas nurses who contracted Ebola, Nina Pham, gained public attention with a heartfelt address to Americans
  • Dr. Craig Spencer returned from working with afflicted persons in Africa to carry Ebola to New York City
  • Dallas man Thomas Eric Duncan was infected by the Ebola virus and was killed by it