Hello Kitty collector Natasha Goldsworth has spent more than $84,000 on everything Hello Kitty.

Goldsworth‘s house packed with at least 10,000 pieces of pink, fluffy, glittery merchandise.


Natasha Goldsworth hello kitty 4

The 29-year-old Brit from Exeter, Devon said she started collecting the cuddly cat 15 years ago when she was given a red Hello Kitty notebook as a present.

She recalled: “From that moment on I just thought, ‘I love that cat, I have to have more of that cat.”

Her apartment is now an explosion of wide-eyed white-and-pink jewelry, furniture, bedding, clothing, kitchenware, with 4,000 plush toys in crammed into every conceivable space. source

Not that Natasha really cares. She added, “If a man doesn’t like my kitty kingdom then I’m not interested.”