Meghan Tonjes posted a picture of her plus-sized self to Instagram only to have the popular social media website remove it..

Meghan Tonjes


After posting a picture of her rear end, the plus-size musician and vlogger received a message from Instagram that the photo had been removed “for violating our Community Guidelines.”

Tonjes was upset at what she felt was unfair treatment because of her weight, given that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and models like Emily Ratajkowski often post similar or more revealing photos. source

After realizing their mistake, Instagram restored the photo and Tonjes was thrilled.

“That’s awesome,” she said. “That makes me so happy. I didn’t blame Instagram for taking it down. My issue was the reporting system. They send an email because someone flagged it, so they figure, oh, there’s probably something wrong. And there’s no way to appeal, and no human eyes to check it out.”