Security procedures at baseball games are starting to look a lot like your local airport, which begs the question, are TSA guards next? The Los Angeles Dodgers have officially implemented walk-thru style metal detectors, beginning next week.

walk-thru metal detectors dodgers stadium


The move comes in anticipation of the MLB requiring their use for the 2015 season.

On Monday the Dodgers will start testing the walk-through metal detectors at several entrances to Dodger Stadium. A Dodgers spokesman said they are also scheduled to be tried Wednesday and at different times throughout the season in preparation of their full-time use next season.

Fans entering the stadium will pass through metal detectors immediately before having tickets scanned. Cellphones and what the Dodgers described to season-ticket holders as other “large metal objects” will have to be removed prior to passing through the magnetometers, but not shoes, belts or items smaller than a cellphone. source


Anyone not wishing to pass through the metal detectors can opt for being groped by a hand-held wielding security guard.