McDonald’s reportedly offered some of its employees an in-house, employees-only McResource Line website, on how to cope with issues like the upcoming holiday financial crunch. The McDonalds employee tips specifically mention selling the items on ebay or Craigslist among other things..



According to an activist group “Low Pay Is Not OK,” McDonald’s offers such stress management tips as “Pack your bags: At least two vacations a year can cut heart attack risk by 50 percent.” It also suggests singing away stress to lower blood pressure, as well as to “quit complaining.”

“Selling some of your unwanted possessions on eBay (EBAY +0.44%) or Craigslist,” it adds, “could bring in some quick cash.” And in terms of making ends meet, the site reportedly recommends breaking food into pieces — a tactic, it says, that “often results in eating less and still feeling full.”

Some employees of the fast-food giant are expressing their dismay at the company’s seemingly tone deaf attempts to assist them.

“We make $7.25 an hour,” Jeanette Lynn, a 26-year-old McDonald’s worker in Durham, N.C., told the Huffington Post. “Why in the world would we take vacation if we already aren’t getting paid enough?”


McDonald’s Employee Tips.