Adrienne Bailon certainly looks like she has given birth, at one time or another, and not the natural way, by way of the ever popular c-section! Clearly a scar is visible from an apparent cesarean section procedure.. But wait, there is no reports of the singer, (turned talk show host,) having any children! So what gives?

Adrienne appeared on the red carpet the other day if you look closely you can see a scar in the exact area c-sections scars normally appear..


c section Adrienne Bailon
Bailon, 29, was snapped walking the red carpet for the HYPNOTIQ liqueur’s Sparkle Louder launch at Provocateur in New York City.

We love the daring sheer mid-length blue leather horizontal stripes! Not you got to hide that scar better girl! especially if you want to keep your kid a secret!Source 1.

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