Chaz Bono has lost more than 65 pounds over the last year! And now Cher’s son, (who was born a woman,) says, “everything is easier.” Really? everything? Do tell!
chaz bono before and after

Chaz, 44, appeared on a recent episode of “The Doctors,” where he showed off his dramatic weight loss!


“I just feel much more comfortable in my skin now,” Bono revealed, as excerpted by People. “Everything is easier, everything physically is easier, everything feels better and emotionally I just feel more comfortable, more confident.” Why didn’t Chaz shed the pounds BEFORE his failed attempt on Dancing with the Stars? Anyway, Bono says she made some changes after his family voiced their collective concern over his mounting weight..

“My family was concerned about my health and now everyone is really happy,” he said. “They can also see how much better I feel and how much happier I am.” And how does his mom feel about the new Chaz? “She’s pretty happy.”

Way to go bono! Maybe soon you will be able to experience life as a man and a thin person, at the same time!