Eminem just pulled a Beyonce by not only forbidding the BBC from broadcasting his headline performance at the Reading Festival, but also for reportedly lip syncing the entire show.. A process the Brits call, “miming.”Eminem Tons of fans were left nothing short of outraged by the 8 Mile rapper’s refusal to let his music be broadcast on TV .. But as the sun rises in jolly ole England another controversy is brewing.. Eminem’s lip syncing of the entire show including an epic “Stan” reunion with Dido..

One disgruntled fan wrote on Twitter:


‘I’d be so pissed off if I was a huge Eminem fan and just saw him miming for 90 minutes,’ while another that was there simply put: ‘Eminem is miming. Disappointing. #ReadingFestival.’

And another
‘Wish I was watching Eminem live right now. Gutted isn’t the word,’ while another agreed: ‘Gutted Eminem refused to be filmed.’

And another:
‘Eminem Blocking the BBC from showing his performance live because its free! He is obviously the definition of a money driven p**ck!’

And another:
‘I’m so sad that Eminem brought Dido on stage with him for Stan and didn’t let the BBC broadcast it, what a poopy head,’ and another raged: ‘Eminem wont let BBC show his performance, what a little b**ch #probablymimed.’

The DailyMail confirmed:

“Some accused the star of refusing to have the set broadcast because of his alleged lip synching..”