It was a god awful hot day in L.A. but still Bradley Cooper found a reason to suit up in all black leathers on his way to becoming a statistic.. Don’t get me started about all the famous men who have tempted fate and FAILED ending up seriously injured or worse! Our friend and legend gossip hound Perez Hilton got the scoop on the Coop..bradley-cooper-black-doodle__oPt

Hmm. Not the best outfit choice for a scorching summer day, Bradley Cooper!


The actor/motorcycle enthusiast took his bike out in Brentwood this week, dressed head to toe in black! Things must have gotten pretty hot under that helmet! Brad’s riding gear also included a black Ducati leather jacket, black racing gloves, a black back pack, black pants and a black pair of Puma sneakers. We’re surprised he doesn’t have a black bike to match his threads! Maybe Bradley got this getup from his Place Beyond the Pines co-star Ryan Gosling??? We just hope he wasn’t on his way to rob a bank!

Ride safe!
Or better yet Coop, call a limo..