Kelsey Williams, the Oklahoma City Thunder (Thighs) Cheerleader who gained fame after eating a million hot dogs in 20 seconds a blogger singled her out as “too chunky to cheer” is finally speaking out, and no, not with her mouth full.. Well maybe.

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Speaking with GMA today, Williams put down a chicken wing long enough to say that she’s never been more heartbroken in her life then when she was called, “chunky..” Really? Can you say “sheltered?” Hell, I was called a “complete idiot” today and it didn’t phase me a bit..

Fighting back the water works, Williams stated that her dress size is a 4.. So I guess that’s lower than 10?

“I got online and was reading the article and… my heart sank. I was definitely embarrassed and just devastated,” she says, adding that she was never slim like a dancer / ballerina but rather of a more athletic build.

AWW! TOO BAD! I guess you’ve never been on! We’ve made plenty a performer cry! Get your tissue box ready GF!

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Williams said that she couldn’t believe a “woman” would write such nasty things about another woman, so? I’m not a woman, so? It’s ok? What ever you say Miss Overly Sensitive!

“Shame on you. I mean, you are a woman… you know exactly what we all go through on a daily basis just being a woman. Shame on you,” Kelsey says.

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She’s a blogger! She’s paid to write about porkers drawing a check when they’re paid to be in shape! In the words of Napoleon, (the other Napoleon,) “I see you’re drinking 1%. Is that ’cause you think you’re fat? ‘Cause you’re not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to.”
The bottom line is, and I do mean bottom, if she wants to get famous, she had better thicken up that pretty skin..

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