Tasteless? Cheerleaders Slammed Over 9/11 Tribute Routine

A cheer squad is catching a barrage of hate over their September 9/11th tribute which went viral.

The routine, which used clips of former President Bush, has received both positive and negative reviews, some saying they think it was triumphant, while other saying it was nothing short of tasteless.

Lumberton cheerleaders 911 tribute 4

The cheerleaders from Lumberton High School, in Texas, performed a routine to mark 14 years since the Sept. 11 attacks. Continue reading

Cheerleading Coach Fired For Wearing BOYS IN THE HOOD Shirt, Not Those Boyz

Alabama youth cheerleading coach, Brian McCracken was forced to resign after showing up at a practice wearing a “Boys in the Hood” t-shirt.

The shirt did not feature the singing group by the same name, it depicted a KKK member in a hood, burning a cross.

Brian McCracken boys in the hood t shirt

McCracken’s fellow coach, Kayleigh Tipton, objected to the garment and file a complaint, and then she was also forced to resign. Continue reading

NFL Releases Statement Over #DEFLATEGATE

The NFL just released this statement regarding their investigation into the scandal surrounding the report of underinflated footballs being used in the AFC title game.

Meanwhile, a petition circulating on the internet to boycott the Super Bowl over the controversy is gaining steam.


“Our office has been conducting an investigation as to whether the footballs used in last Sunday’s AFC Championship Game complied with the specifications that are set forth in the playing rules. Continue reading

DEFLATE GATE FALLOUT: Petition Demands NFL BAN PATRIOTS Or Fans Boycott Super Bowl

Check out this Change.org petition that just hit the interwebs demanding the NFL disqualify the Patriots from competing in the Super Bowl, or face an all out boycott by the fans.

Petition: Dear NFL: The Fans Have Spoken, Disqualify The Patriots.


The New England Patriots cheated. Not only did they cheat their opponents, they cheated us fans too.  Continue reading

Brave High School Cheerleaders Defy Prayer Ban, Pray Before Game

The Oneida Tennessee School district banned prayer before athletic events to avoid legal action, but that didn’t stop the Oneida High School cheerleading squad from showing their collective faith, after all, the pregame prayer always went hand and hand with Friday night football games.

The school district, like dozens of others in the state of Tennessee and thousands across the country, responded to pressure received from organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Freedom From Religion Foundation ending prayer at public schools.

Oneida Tennessee high school cheerleaders pray before game 5

Oneida’s director of school’s Ann Sexton says they received a letter last fall from the ACLU reminding them it is unconstitutional to hold school sanctioned prayer at football games. Continue reading

This Is The NJ Cheerleader SHOT DEAD Execution Style

Cheyanne Bond, 17, was a NJ cheerleader who was also studying to be a nurse.

The money her family saved for her college tuition is now being spent on her funeral.

Cheyanne Bond 2

The cheerleader, who graduated from high school just two weeks ago, was shot dead in Newark Sunday night, and police haven’t identified a suspect or a motive.  Continue reading

Surreal Video: Paris Jackson High School Cheer Debut

Introducing Paris Jackson – high school cheerleader… This video seems kind of strange and it’s not that the “cheering” is very low energy, or that anything weird happens in particular or that the subject matter in general is strange, I’m not sure exactly what it is that’s wonky – but wait – could it be? Could all this weirdness be coming from the fact that one of these young cheerleaders is the daughter of Michael Fricken Jackson? Um okay, yeah that’s it… Continue reading