New reports are sizzling hot off the wire about Kanye West totally cheating on a severally preggo Kim Kardashian with this hottie blonde muse who goes by the name Iggy Azalea.



Can you say, “home wrecker?”

Nice looking plastic barbie doll of a girl!

Azalea, a aspiring musician, has been courting an album deal on West’s record label, GOOD Music, and during that courtship, the two hit if off.


It didn’t help that Kim has been acting like a raging pregnant monster.

PerezHilton reports, They’ve been said to have been spending a lot of time together recently, and that things might be sizzling behind closed doors. Kim Kardashian is stressing in overtime as the criticism over her weight gain mounts.


Sources say she is feeling less desirable and worries about Kanye letting his eye wander: “She’s incredibly stressed and has even started to wonder if Kanye’s cheating.


Kim is not in a happy place right now.” Other sources insist Kim’s decision to “let herself go” is greatly affecting their relationship, leaving Yeezy totally turned off by the Kardazzian.