Talk about a competitive job market! McDonald’s is now requiring a bachelors degree for full time cashier positions! – THAT’S RIGHT! These days only college graduates need apply..

Let’s just say, I missed that day in school. I missed a lot of days in school, but I’ve somehow managed to get along in life without ever having to step foot behind the McDonald’s counter… Not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you. What there IS something wrong with is – IF I wanted to work at the fast food giant today, the chances are, I wouldn’t even be allowed behind the counter! At least not behind the cash register.. No degree, no job!


Check out this copy of a call-out just posted for a Winchedon, Massachusetts, McDonald’s, says one must have 1-2 years of cashier experience and a college bachelors degree!


The call-out reminds you that you’ll get a chance to “work with your friends or make some news ones!” Most likely, other college grads who also “Get a weekly paycheck with a side order of food, folks and fun!” There only one question left, “would you like that for here or to go?”

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