GLAAD? Anderson Cooper Makes Out With Madonna In Boyscout Uniform

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Anderson Cooper making out with Madonna at a GLAAD event while she was dressed like a Boyscout… I’m not sure if this is deplorable OR funny! But I know one thing for sure, I’ve seen everything! Remember it was only New Year’s Eve that Cooper got his crotch kissed by rude and crude Kathy Griffin!



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STUCK: Kate Middleton Gets High Heel Caught In Street Grid | Gwyneth Paltrow Bold 40s No Makeup No Photoshop Book Cover
  • sugarntasty

    Insult furthermore to endure “hate crimes” I’m not wasting time. Madonna and Anderson using “LGBTQ” front how? False assurance just externalism…exclaim your “LGBTQ” we need more. To endure political and economics segregation of American bureaucracy Democrats are using us. Mistrust give me what publicty and acclaim Madonna contradicted statement. Later 2014 LGBTQ” rights more advance, Madonna
    limited uncommitted actions speak for no one not stun. What have done for LGBTQ society, never participated “Pride shows, nor speak against “gentrification” your. Renowned in realty world madame Maddy…admire dedication using LGBTQ commerce. Realtors whom oppose fair housing rights renters, when spoken “NYC” 2013 it highest evictions across USA. What did say gimme nothing more Madonna,
    refuse allow criticism nor association with “LGBTQ” press your mess. Guess popularity only see, BLU men
    as targets confused lonely rich woman afraid ageism! Anderson Mr.Powder joy, able to retain status how?
    Not ratings your wealth inheirtance mommy,gave you Anderson oppose. NYC hate crimes evictions do you
    care okay for loving Ben your friend. Open exclusive bars Madonna signature “Hard Candy” wasn’t about
    awareness your publicity. Anderson you own 3 homes Bay area paid with cash 5 homes United Kingdom
    2 in Paris gentrification displace erase once. Respected LGBTQ society due evictions LGBTQ elite liars!