I’m going to go ahead and put the good news right up front, the young lady who is the victim in this beating escaped the ordeal with only minor injuries and the asshole assailant was caught!



After asking a female subway passenger in Philadelphia for a light, 36-year-old William Clark unleashed a surprise attack which included several punches to her face, a quick choking and then a grab for her legs which continued until he had thrown the woman all the way to the edge of the platform, before tossing her down into the pit.

While the woman lay defenceless on the tracks the man calmly grabs the victim’s cell phone and leaves the station.

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The disturbing footage (which we will not show here,) shows the Tuesday afternoon attack as it was captured by surveillance cameras inside Philly’s Chinatown SEPTA station.

Clark was apprehended after cops recognized his “Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resorts” jacket and charged him with aggravated assault and robbery, he had a long rap sheet including priors for burglary, theft, and carjacking.

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