Megadeth made a bad call when choosing their winner for this year’s Christmas card contest because dude may have cheated. Looks like the winner may have stole the original artwork and done did a little photoshop to change it up a little. Now Megadeth is trying to do some damage control by getting to the bottom of the icy mess.



Dave Mustaine wrote on the band’s website:

“This year, our winner Jim Chadoulas allegedly submitted the artwork of another artist. Although we were notified of the possible plagiarism by an anonymous fan in Brazil after the Christmas Day call was already placed, we are investigating this matter further. We stand by the fact that Jim is innocent until proven guilty, and if our winner did indeed use someone else’s artwork, we will be notifying the second place winner to award him the first place prize and he will receive a phone call from Dave Mustaine. We hope to clear this up as quick as possible.”

Below is a picture of the original possibly plagiarized artwork.


I would say case closed it definitely appears as though this is a case of blatant plagiarism.