REPORT: Bieber IGNORED DOZENS Of Selena 911 CALLS During Night Of Victoria’s Secret Gig

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Sources close to the Gomez camp report Selena was livid after Justin failed to respond to “hundreds of emergency calls and text messages” during the night and into the early morning hours of Justin’s Victoria’s Secret gig.

Even-though the ex-couple had a “no calls during work” policy, Selena chose to pull the 911 card on Bieber, frantically claiming she had suddenly fallen seriously ill in dozens of calls and hundreds of text messages — to which Bieber did not respond — until the next day…




Justin finally responded to Gomez early the next morning claiming he also had become ill and had gone to bed early. Gomez may have bought into that claim except for the fact hot pictures were starting to emerge — depicting Justin hugging and kissing several VS models — including one girl whom he struck up a very long and personal conversation with for the duration of the VS after-party. Needless to say, Selena hit the roof, now convinced Justin was lying his ass off.

On a side note and ironically, Selena’s illness turned out to be a bad case of stomach cramps… Go figure.

Reports on the ground, more specifically sources in and around Justin’s hotel room say that several models did accompany the singer back to his room, but each woman left one-by-one until no one except Bieber remained in the room, indicating Bieber indeed struck out.

No matter what Selena thinks really happened that night, the actress is reportedly looking for a reason to dump Beiber or at least get some quality time away from the singer while she concentrates on her new hunky Brittish co-star love interest.

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