“A monster white sturgeon weighing an estimated 1,100 pounds and measuring 12 feet, 4 inches was caught and released on the Fraser River, a British Columbia waterway,” reports GrindTV.com.

The fish reminds us of the Loch Ness Monster ‘Nessie’, who apparently lives in the Scottish Highlands in Scotland.

The website explains that “Catches of white sturgeon averaging 30 to 100 pounds are typical on the Fraser, even an occasional 250-pounder, but nothing as massive as this sturgeon, believed to be the biggest freshwater fish ever caught on rod and reel in North America…and possibly the oldest.”

Dean Werk, owner/guide of Great River Fishing Adventures told the site, “I’ve been a professional guide on the Fraser for 25 years and I’ve never seen a sturgeon this big.” He continues, “We have helped to collectively tag more than 47,000 white sturgeon since 1995, and scanned in excess of 90,000 tagged sturgeon that have been caught and released. This tells us this dinosaur fish hasn’t been caught in at least 18 years if ever at all. I’d bet she’s over 100 years old.”