Since the tragic shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, CO, during “Batman: Dark Knight Rises,” I’ve been wondering if you guys are freaked about going in a theater to see the movie now?

Before this mishap, I was set on seeing the film this weekend, but now I’m not so sure…

It’s natural to be spooked about the incident, as it could make you feel uncomfortable just thinking about going to a theater. But, after I put a poll on my Facebook page to feel you guys out, it seems that everyone who responded was fearless about being in a theater.

Of the 12 people who responded to my Facebook poll asking if they ‘would see Batman in the theater since the shooting’- all of them said they would still go to see it!


Are people who are spooked, not willing to speak up about having fear? Is that why 12 out of 12 said they ‘would still see Batman in the theater’?

Thanks to all who participated, and feel free to add a comment below about how YOU feel about safety in the theater.

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