Those of you familiar with the American version of “The Voice” may think you’re in an alternate universe, I assure that you are not. I am about to tell you a story about the UK version of the popular singing contest. was a no-show to his mentoring duties this week on UK’s version of The Voice and his assigned lot of aspiring singers may pay the price. As a team, was contracted to also coach the kids on a one-on-one basis as part of their curial early development, all of this leading up to the big live broadcast- but Willi boy instead chose to blowoff the bunch, missing two-out-of-four of those precious rehearsal days leaving his young team in a lurch. Will chose to jet set on not one, but two different roundtrip transatlantic flights in as many days, reportedly all to frolic in America. Will’s reps are siting “work commitments.” 1 Imma Be LATE: Will.I.Am Is A Bad Mentor


On the other hand,’s competition, “It’s Not Unusual” singer Tom Jones has been very attentive to his team’s needs, leaving no production stone unturned positioning everyone to feeling their utmost confident as the live broadcast approaches.

wiliam team Imma Be LATE: Will.I.Am Is A Bad Mentor

Communication is apparently also a problem for Willi’s unfortunate team as he provided them with only his TWITTER as a means to contact him- spending most of his time above 30,000 feet, he is yet to respond- Jones supplied the kids with his personal email address and contacts them frequently in person.

team tom Imma Be LATE: Will.I.Am Is A Bad Mentor

A few of Will’s teammates vented their frustration, “He’s busy. He’ll nip to America for two days. He’ll nip around the world but he’ll be back when we need him.” Said one of the politically correct singers, while another was more blunt, “We’ve seen him twice this week we need time to work on choreography and other things.”

The live show kicks off Sunday night in the UK and for those of you interested, Tom’s acts include aspiring singers, Adam Isaac, Leanne Mitchell, Matt and Sueleen, Ruth Brown and Sam Buttery.’s acts are Frances Wood, Jaz Ellington, Joelle Moses, Tyler James and Sophie Griffin.